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"Sacred Wounds - Sacred Shifts - Sacred Healing"





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» Sacred wounds - Sacred shifts - Sacred healing 


TeleSummit Sacred Wounds - Sacred Shifts - Sacred Healing

How to honour your wounds, initiate healing and walk freely and in joy your very own individual path of heart.

Revolutionary shamans, catalytic sound healers, ground-breaking masters and warrioresses.... people like you and me... share their experiences on their own path towoards a life of fulfillment. A life full of purpose.

Listening to those teachers, you will know how to reach out for the stars... or maybe ´just´ hold out a hand to the person next to you. These teachers and shamans use various tools to reach out, initiate shifts and communicate with the unseen world. They use crystal bowls, drums and rattles, they pierce you with their bright blue eyes, they know how to live through the heart whilst you feel the pain of your old patterns moving through - before you release them and move on.

There are many words to describe those teachers that can be a beacon to our life. They might have walked a stretch of your path before you – the stretch which you are just about to walk!

Listen to them... and let yourself be quickened by their ancient teachings.

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