Infusing the void in you with your dreams

Recently, a friend of mine asked "whose dream do you live"? I needed to look very closely to give her an answer which rang true to me. Whose dream do you live? If you want to explore with me, let me know. It is a fascinating question...

We are the food of echoes

What are you echoing? Which voices, which belief systems? Where do you go in resonance, when are you triggered? When do those sounds just move through you without an echo because you are crystal clear?


So many dreams undreamt.... So many stories untold. The silence can be a comfort. It can also be a symbol for stagnant energies. Let us enlighten our dreams. So that we rest in the silence within while a new reality is being manifested according to our new dreams.

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There are wheels within wheels in our lives and it feels that we never find our way home. But then, when we start going round the wheels like the ancient ones, from the East to the South to the West to the North, we discover the spiral movements in our life... we discover new depths of being. This is grace... Come and walk your circles with me.

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How can we mirror each other in a gentle and healthy way so that as many aspects of your wonderful personality as possible are allowed to come up to the surface? We need the mirrors of others, of nature, of Mother Earth. Come, let us explore our mirrors together!

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